Executive Coaching – When is it right for you?

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“Executives need to step back and have the opportunity to question their assumptions, gain perspective and ultimately become the leader they aspire to be.” ~ Bobbie Goheen, The Leaders’ Coach

Have you wondered when — or if — executive coaching has a role in your career path or leadership journey? These are some situations and scenarios in which people have benefited from our Executive Coaching services:

  • New role assignment which requires you to gain new skills. For example, taking a R&D product to market, turning around a business, managing a fast growth product, growing new business in an old market, starting up a new business unit, or downsizing.
  • Significant increase in the breadth of your responsibilities.
  • Seasoned leader who is aware enough to know that you have skills to develop and strengths that may be overused.
  • International leader who needs to be able to create results across and through countries, nationalities, and diverse businesses.
  • Up and coming professional who wants to stretch their abilities to prepare for an expansion in opportunities.
  • Technical Manager who needs to hone the ability of presentations, collaboration, negotiation, influencing, and understanding organizational systems/structures/politics.
  • Directive Manager who wants to move to a team based and collaborative leadership style.
  • Executive who needs to define a new vision for an organization and cascade the vision so that it takes in all aspects of the organization.
  • Project manager who needs to develop better team-building skills.
  • Alone at the top – a confidential sounding board to help you work out turning strategies into action.
  • Manager who wants to develop team and interpersonal skills.

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