Stacey L.T. Boyle, Ph.D., Chief People Planner @Smarter People Planning

Even though Bobbie was an outsider to my organization she fully understood the terrain I had to navigate and did her homework. She was an exceptional Executive Coach and would provide a unique perspective that I often needed to stay grounded. She would provide honest, compassionate feedback and truly had my best interest at heart. She offered multiple solutions which afforded me many options depending on a specific situation. I really felt like I was locked-n-loaded after I had a conversation with her. I like that she would role-play and help me anticipate scenarios that I could not see. Having worked with her I was far more confident making executive decisions and handling tough employee situations. I was always anxious to meet with her because I knew she would take me to task on follow up from our last conversation so I would prepare before our meetings so I didn’t let her down. It never failed that the amount of effort I put into our sessions was returned three-fold after interacting with Bobbie. She is exceptionally professional and I would highly recommend her to any organization seeking a deeply skilled, creative, and compassionate Executive Coach.