Patricia Brown, Ph.D.

“My association with Synthesis Management Group includes both executive coaching and leadership training. I can honestly say that my leadership and organizational skills have been enhanced by the thoughtful and insightful process Bobbie has perfected.

The executive coaching helped me to focus on my strengths, identify my areas of weakness and develop a plan to improve upon these areas. Moreover I created a vision of where I want to be and how to get there. I needed a strong but objective voice to affirm and challenge me as I moved through this intensive process of self evaluation, clarification of goals and creation of a development plan. I often reflect on my “vision” of the perfect career and measure my growth towards this ideal.

The leadership workshop was more interactive and relational, yet in many ways just as transformative. I came away with a deeper understanding of how to deal with difficult people, to listen to my “inner voice” and allow it to guide me recognizing and appreciating the progress I had made and difficulties I had already surmounted. It was intense yet refreshing too. Too seldom do we have the opportunity to explore in depth the ways in which we touch and are touched by others.”