Mark Wickliffe

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"I have known Bobbie since 2004. As a professional consultant I have found Bobbie to be well organized, efficient, of high integrity, and extremely competent. She has an excellent rapport with people that makes them comfortable and at ease. Her keen ability to connect people together for mutual benefit has…

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Bill Cherry

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“Bobbie uses assessment tools, combined with her business experience and people savvy to affect real improvements. I am impressed by the results we have seen using Synthesis and Bobbie Goheen.”

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Maria Phillips

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“Bobbie is a creative and personable strategic consultant who knows how to structure a project for the best results. Bobbie is able to obtain valuable input from every level of the organization and to make even the most shy people participate vocally. Although Bobbie knows the answer, she skillfully guides…

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Scott Duell

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"Bobbie’s coaching services have been instrumental to our management team’s growth, development and success. As a firm with multiple offices across several states, the challenges of working cohesively as a team are immense. Bobbie helped us learn the lessons necessary to eliminate the barriers that were limiting our effectiveness. She…

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