7 Characteristics of Peak Performers

peak performing athlete
“You get where you’re willing to go.” ~ Bobbie Goheen, Peak Performance Leadership Coach

When I think about the amazing leaders I coach what stands out about the highest achievers – the peak performers –  are their common attributes:

New Frontier Thinking
They know their personal trajectory is only limited by their willingness to move in a new direction, try a new skill, or expand into an area they have no knowledge and they are willing to “give it a go.”

Courageous Conversations
They come prepared to challenge themselves and the possibilities in our sessions. We explore the usual and unusual and they define ways they can achieve by letting go of old notions for new opportunities. They refuse to accept average and being stagnant. They have an insatiable quest for the finding a better way.

Commitment to Relationships
Relationships are a number one priority and they do whatever it takes to build them with every connection. In all relationships they have, they show up 100% and give their best. They don’t try to be what the other person wants them to be, instead they focus on getting to an outcome or insight that puts both people in a better place. Their personal relationships are vibrant and engaging because that is how they are with their partners and family.

See Around The Corner
They are hungry to share new insights or explore alternative thinking. They know the more they learn, from any walk of life, enhances their ability to be the best in their profession and gives them an edge in the marketplace. They put themselves in new experiences (and sometimes uncomfortable experiences) all the time. While they are well read, they are also committed to applying as well as knowing. Often our discussions are around foresight and closing the knowing doing gap.

Multidimensional Life
They have a life, they are engaged in sports or following teams, they listen or play music, they ponder the possibilities of the world with friends, they travel, they love art, they cook, they create, or any other activity… the important point is they play, they have fun, they laugh, etc. Their life is full and rich in a myriad of ways.

Self Challenge
They love challenges. They thrive to compete and do their best. They constantly look for ways to be even better at what they are doing. They look outside the box to find new areas to incorporate into their business or life. They seek to grow.

Truth Seekers
They look for the truth in any situation. They acknowledge the hard facts that hold them back and begin to take the necessary steps to get rid of limiting beliefs, unproductive patterns, the need to be right, and/or uninformed thinking which does not support the best expression of themselves or limits their growth.

Great leaders are not born, they are built. They are built by individuals who follow an inner voice to live full out and constantly grow by gaining new skills to be their personal best in all areas of their life.

Practice these 7 traits and experience a positive and uncommon leadership impact in your profession and your life.